This remover is not included. ;)

> Housing: Aluminum top/middle/bottom for 1800 WKL layout only

                nickel-plated aluminum bumpons,

                acrylic layer between Top and PCB,

                bolted with M3 15mm bolts and nuts for secure conclusion

                Some minor scratches and dents exist but not easily found.

> PCB: ps2avr MX-Mini PCB implanted with ps2avr exension module onboard thus perfectly functioning as a ps2avrU PCB

> Switches: vintage brown switch sliders lubed with Dupont Krytox 103,

                 55g custom spring lubed with LSD oil,

                 Blue switch stickers,

                 Nonclick(tactile) gray slider for spacebar switch (spring is 55g)

> LEDs: ESC and Number Lock(under Pause key) - multi-color LED(changes it's color like rainbow),

            Caps Lock - pink,

            some modifiers - white,

            the rest - blue

> Easy-to-use GUI client available for easy programming and macro function

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